German Study Suggests Nearly All C0VID Deaths Were Preventable With a Simple Inexpensive Vitamin

By Zach Heilman

If most of the public knew this information, would Big Pharma’s reign of endless jabs die off?

A new study out of Germany was recently released and refuted the notion that COVID jabs are the best way to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

This study has received very little attention from Big Media brought to you by Pfizer.

When you follow the money, it makes sense why they wouldn’t want to inform people that there was a cheap and effective way to fight this virus.

After all, Pfizer has been making about $1,000 per second as the pandemic continues.

Compensation drives behavior, and they’re being compensated hand over fist as long as Big Media and Big Tech continue to help Big Pharma with their massive fear-mongering campaign.