Mr. Neil Astles: 59 Years-Old, Died After His First AstraZeneva Viral Vector DNA Injection

By The COVID Blog

Mr. Neil Astles

BOOTLE, MERSEYSIDE — It took seven months for a British inquest to conclude what most critical thinkers already knew. But the decedent died in vain as his family encourages others to suffer the same fate.

The inquest was conducted by the Sefton, Knowsley and St. Helens Coroner’s Office at Bootle Town Hall last Tuesday. Mr. Neil Astles received his first AstraZeneva viral vector DNA injection on March 15 at the St. Helens Rugby Club, according to the International Business Times. He suffered from debilitating “thunderclap headaches” 11 day later. Mr. Astles, 59, started vomiting uncontrollably on April 2 while the headaches worsened.

He was admitted to Warrington Hospital that day and diagnosed with several blood clots in his brain, including a central venous sinus thrombosis. The latter prevents blood from draining away from the brain. Thus at least one blood vessel burst, causing massive bleeding in the back of his brain. Mr. Astles was transferred to the Royal Liverpool University Hospital intensive care unit upon the discovery.

Doctors contemplated surgery to relieve the pressure built up in Mr. Astles’ head. But they decided against it because the damage was already too extensive. Mr. Astles died on April 4.