Whoops! FOIA Response From Santa Clara County Reveals that the COVID Shots INCREASED Your Risk of Getting COVID!


The COVID vaccines worked in reverse making people more susceptible. Attempts to contact Santa Clara County Public Health Department for comment were totally ignored.

They tell you to get the shot, but their own data shows that the shots make it more likely you’ll get COVID.

Executive summary

Based on new data I just got from a FOIA request, it appears that the public health epidemiologists in Santa Clara County knew in January 2022 that the vaccines made people more likely to get COVID, but they remained silent.

I predict that there will be further silence on this matter: no accountability and no opportunity for public challenges. They will continue to push the shots as if nothing had happened and the mainstream media will ignore this important data.

Here is the data for you to download yourself

Download it here. When you click the link, it will silently download the Excel file to your Downloads folder.

Summary of the data

The data in the spreadsheet is from January 2022 and contains a line for each person who was diagnosed with COVID in that month.

N means unvaccinated. Y means vaccinated. U means unknown. Blank means unknown.

Santa Clara County is highly vaccinated (95%), but it isn’t that highly vaccinated!

The rows are 10 year age groups.

So the percentage of people who were diagnosed with COVID (98% or more) was higher than the percentage of people who got the vaccine (under 95%).

In other words, the vaccine made you more likely to get COVID instead of 10X less likely that they claimed in the clinical trials.

This is consistent with the

The exact same thing is happening in Australia!

Stunning parallels in Australia:


  1. The COVID vaccine trials were fraudulent. There is no possible way they got 90% efficacy (a 10X reduction in infection risk). They did it through deception as described here. The vaccines actually made you more likely to get COVID as we learned from the Santa Clara data, the Cleveland Clinic study, and numerous other sources (see this article for example).
  2. The numbers here are highly statistically significant. It appears that the Santa Clara County Health epidemiologists knew something was wrong by January 2022, but instead of warning people, they kept their mouths shut about it. There was no public admission of this, no public warning. I predict that there will NEVER be any public accountability of what happened because public officials never like to admit they were responsible for killing people with these useless and deadly vaccines.
  3. The Santa Clara County Health Department ignored all my attempts (multiple phone calls and emails) to solicit a response to this article.

Original Source: https://kirschsubstack.com/p/whoops-foia-response-from-santa-clara