Jordan Peterson Goes Full Fire-breathing, Fact-spitting Dragon Mode on His Left-wing, Big Pharma-loving, Vaccine-promoting Guest

At least Jordan woke up like Elon Musk after taking the vaccines. Better late than never.

Highly intelligent people can do very dumb things.

Do they consider they are still missing some of the jig saw pieces to figure out what’s fully going on in the world.

As the faster people learn the truth the faster humanity can be saved and freed.

Simply start from everything you’ve been told is a lie.

Then accept it was a deliberate lie.

And your Governments are a facade and don’t represent you and they don’t run the world – a criminal elite do who won’t hesitate to genocide you and your loved ones, via war or mass vaccination scams for a falsified decade long planned COVID 19 pandemic.

Then you can figure the rest out quickly.

Such as they control Israel and the United States of Israel and all western vassal states such a pussy weak Australia.

That’s why we have weak leaders forced upon us.

They hate strong nationalistic leaders like say Putin who cares for his nation and protects his borders and defends Eastern Ukrainians from the Israel planes genocide of Eastern Ukraine to make it Israel 2 (as that’s where the fake Jews who aren’t the chosen ones were from – Kharzharia).