Moderna Turned Down Beijing’s Request to Hand Over Key Vaccine Technology

By Spotlight on China

According to the Financial Times, Moderna has turned down a request from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to hand over its COVID-19 vaccine technology.

Moderna has refused to give Beijing the recipe of its RNA vaccine know-how due to commercial and safety concerns.

Here’s what others had to say:

Why in the world would Moderna give up it’s secret sauce to China. We all know why China wants it. …copy, duplicate, and claim it as their own. Besides their vaxx isn’t as effeective.

Wendy Shoo Wai Ching
Moderna should partner with China government over profit sharing basis.

marc zapatos
They dont want to buy the foreign vaccined but wants its technology for free. So they can profit for themselves? Afraid china goona run out of money? Let them die of covid, serves them right. The audacity of lesser people.

Razzes Est
COVID poison vaccine ….NO THANKS

Adrian Sedillo
The self destruction of the CCP could not happen soon enough.

Heavy Metal
But China has Sinovac, the greatest vaccine in the whole universe.

Do not trust anything with china, their words are opposite to their actions.

Nadia Gifford
never ever trust chinese people or CCP government , both are first class liars, give nothing to them , not even peanuts to these communists.

Boris Badenov
Haha, Xi has trashed the Chinese brand, and now nobody trusts them. Xi and his crappy thought, has become a humiliating joke in the west.

John Janeson
The moderna mrna is bs poison. Does China also plan to sterilize all of its citizens now?

Blue 6
Serves then rigth for destroying the lives of soo many people in this planet!! The fault of all of is the Chinese communist party and XI JIn Pin!!

Make China steal it from the west…CCP will need to work on cyber attacking big fucking pharma lol..

Poindexter Flex
I don’t get it. Don’t Chinese vaccines work? Weren’t they first to have their vaccines? 90% vaccination rate? What’s going on???????

Ferrari Guy
There are hundreds of future uses for mRNA vaccines (and current uses). There is zero reason to cooperate with the CCP in any way that gives them the capacity to do what they’re proven to do. Co-opt the tech and put the OE company out of business. F’ that. Businesses may be on to this to some extent, but legislation needs to back them up and restrain them from stupid moves.

Saving face more important than saving lives for CCP.
China drags out the negotiating process til exqausted hopimg the otherside weakens.
Keep building “GREAT” barriers for your people CCP.

The CCP is begging Moderna for vaccine technology because it is unable to reverse- engineer the vaccine, otherwise it would have done it already, just like all other technologies that it steals from the west.


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