Why Biden Gets My Vote As the Worst President in US History

By Steve Kirsch

Biden’s approval rating has dropped to a new low of 33%. I think it’s going to go even lower. I think history will eventually judge him as the worst President in US history.

Sure, Biden didn’t create COVID. But by enabling Fauci instead of firing him, he has turned a bad situation (COVID) into a national and worldwide disaster.

A wise chief executive will always solicit opposing points of view on any important decision

The most important quality in a chief executive is his decision-making ability.

Take, for example, the question as to whether or not to mandate the vaccination of the entire population of the US with a vaccine which was never properly tested on animals (they never did the amount, duration, and distribution studies of the spike protein on non-human primates, for example, and still haven’t) and where the safety signals in VAERS are off the charts (and nobody can explain the reason for that other than using hand-waving arguments without any evidence).

You’d think he might solicit input from at least a dozen experts who hold differing viewpoints before making the decision. People like Robert F. Kennedy, Robert Malone, Byram Bridle, Geert Vanden Bossche, and Peter McCullough should be at the top of the invite list for a decision like this.

Nope, not going to happen. Biden is just going to listen to one side of the story (NIH, CDC, and FDA) and go with it. It’s a good bet that Biden never read RFK Jr.’s book on Fauci.

Biden made sure nobody else would hear the other side of the story too

Biden didn’t stop at just poor decision making. He went one step further. A step that as far as I know, no other US President has ever taken. He actually has a Disinformation Dozen list of people to censor. Not only doesn’t he want to listen to differing viewpoints, but he also wants to make sure you don’t hear differing viewpoints either.

The surveys I’ve done all show that nearly 100% of Americans believe it is wrong for an American President to have a censorship list. Yet, not a single member of Congress has voiced any objection to Biden’s censorship list. That’s stunning to me.

And government censorship is not limited to just the people on the Disinformation Dozen list. The censorship directive extends to anyone who disseminates information that differs from the official government narrative.

Do you think the social media companies are doing this censorship on their own? No way. They are being instructed to censor the information by the government. This is why none of the social media companies will discuss the science with us; the decision was made above their heads so any discussion of the facts are irrelevant.

The same is likely true of medical boards. As far as I know, all of them resolved to take away the livelihood of anyone who dares to speak in opposition to what the CDC says. They all decided to do this within about a week of each other. No evidence of patient harm is required. The bottom line is that in America today, your license to practice medicine can be revoked for what you say, even if there is no proof whatsoever that anyone has been harmed.

In fact, I just learned last night that Dr. Meryl Nass had her license to practice medicine revoked for speaking out. This sends a chilling message to all medical professionals: say anything we don’t agree with and we’ll destroy both your reputation and your ability to earn and income.

How does President Biden feel about the censorship? He likes it. He thinks we should do more of it.

Contrast Biden’s views with that one of America’s most beloved Presidents:


Biden is now promoting the use of an intervention which does nothing more than make people believe they are being protected

This is outrageous. Masks do not work. There are only two randomized trials for masks relative to COVID specifically (the Denmark and Bangladesh studies) and both proved masks did nothing. Nobody will debate any of us on this.

Now Biden is compounding the error by spreading misinformation that masks make a difference. This lulls people into a false sense of security they are being protected which makes the problem worse.

If Biden really wanted to stop COVID misinformation, he could solve it in a heartbeat: stop talking.

There are no debates either: nobody can get a debate

America isn’t allowed to hear both sides of the most important story of the decade. They are only allowed to hear the government narrative unchallenged.

I can’t get a recorded video debate with anyone from the CDC, NIH, or FDA. They all refuse to debate any members of our team.

Even TrialSiteNews called for a debate on vaccine safety and not a single qualified person responded.

Jake Tapper insulted RFK Jr, and RFK challenged him to a debate. Jake refused.

Ever see Robert Malone interviewed on CNN or in the The NY Times? Not going to happen. You aren’t allowed to hear any views that differ from the government narrative. Reminds me of how China and North Korea operate.

And there are Americans like Dr. Ben Rein of Stanford University and Taylor Nichols MD who both want to tighten things down even more. Nichols wants to revoke the medical license of anyone who says anything counter-narrative. Rein wants Malone censored. I asked Rein and Nichols if they would debate us. No answer from either.

None of the people promoting the myth that the vaccines are safe and effective is willing to be challenged on their assertions in a neutral public forum

It’s clear why:

It’s getting even worse… if you have differing views, they’ll lock you up

The impact of not soliciting divergent views: at least 150,000 dead Americans… maybe over 400,000

At least 150,000 Americans have been killed by the COVID vaccines. The benefit? We might save 10,000 deaths from COVID, but probably not that high since the virus mutated since the Phase 3 trials. We kill 15 people to maybe save 1 life. That’s insane.

Note that 150,000 is a minimum. The actual number is likely larger than that; probably larger than all the Americans who died in World War II.

In this case, these people died for nothing. They died because of a poor decision by a US President to deploy an unsafe and inadequately tested vaccine on America.

Mark my words, the immediate deaths and disability are just the tip of the iceberg. There are going to be very severe repercussions of these vaccine that will be felt for years to come including deaths from myocarditis, increasing cancer rates, prion diseases, lack of fertility, and negative vaccine efficacy causing us to be more vulnerable to diseases.

The decision to deploy and mandate these vaccines is going to go down in history as the worst mistake ever made by a US President.

President Biden is not going to correct it either, even after it is obvious that he’s now killing our kids.

Ernest Ramirez lost his only son, 16-years-old, just 5 days after the first shot. It was determined that the vaccine killed him. Did the CDC care? No. They ignored it, just like all the vaccine injuries and deaths. They still tell people that nobody has died from the vaccine. OK, fine, if nobody died from the vaccine then tell us what caused the death of his son?

How many kids do we have to kill or permanently disable (like Maddie de Garay) before Biden admits he screwed up?

Biden will never admit he made a mistake. Presidents never like to admit they were wrong. He’s never going to admit he’s killed 150,000 Americans. But we all know.

At best, he’ll drop the mandate. But even that is unlikely.

I’m not getting any more shots. My wife isn’t either. But two of our kids are still convinced that the vaccines are safe and effective. Their argument is typical, “Dad, none of my friends have died from the vaccine.” They are both adults and I can’t change their minds. Not only that, they are being forced to take the booster by their schools (Harvard and University of Rochester). They could end up dead or disabled.

I’m sure other parents are in similar situations.

So that’s why Biden has lost all my trust. Apparently, I’m not alone as his approval rating is at an all time low. I am certainly trying to do my part to drive his approval rating to zero.